What Althing Does for Seniors and Senior Centers:
Althing technology is easy to use for seniors and expands their access to the world. Use programs for health screeners, clinical services and community connections.

Participate: By adding Althing Phrazer/Kitsune systems to senior care facilities you enable new avenues to low cost health access, wellness and screeners. It requires no training and gets your residents more involved. By engaging with Althing seniors are supporting the community, children and participating in new ways.

Sponsor: You can promote your institution to the region by sponsoring Althing services that are used to improve equity and access in our communities.

Promote: Share the Althing message with your residents, their families and staff to promote the region's health and economic vibrancy.

Volunteer: Seniors and staff can participate in Althing health and wellness events by working as equity agents and support personnel.

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