The Althing Model is: Inclusive health, education and civic services
Althing is for: The entire community, its full demography and diversity
Althing goals include: Community health, inclusion, education and economics
Althing is funded by: Grants, sponsorships, reimbursements and foundational partners
Althing is for and by: innovators, local entities and services

What Althing Offers

Education, civic services, expansive medical and community health services, career training, innovation and more. The Althing Phrazer/Kitsune Technology has been matured and refined by Althing leadership (GeaCom and Austin Public Schools) to provide novel health, education, language services, civic information and more. This program is available to you at the locations of Althing Partners or to be delivered to you when desired and or needed.

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The Technology of Althing

Minnesota designed, manufactured and supported. The Phrazer/Kitsune is the most awarded engagement system in the world. Fully secure, antimicrobial, safe and effective. The breakthrough tech is the only proven to engage all demographies equally. Qualified, rugged, faster and less expensive than consumer devices this system has more than 20,000,000 proven user engagements in ANY language. Whether in K-12 education, family use cases, in clinic or as a portable clinic the Phrazer/Kitsune is the best of class platform that enables the capabilities and efficiencies of the Althing. Use the link below to learn more.

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How Althing is Funded

Founding members GeaCom, Inc and Austin Public Schools have developed, funded and continue to fund and support the Althing Model.

The Phrazer/Kitsune systems performs community health assessments that are federally reimbursable. The more people who use the system, the more supporting funds are provided. The Althing health model also offers qualified clinical interactions and convenience care, supported by Althing Clinics for a base revenue from service. The state and federal government provides grants and funding for Althing Clinics. Corporations and Foundations interested in supporting Civil Rights, community health and equitable services are able to make tax deductible sponsorships for the community use. Physicians and care professionals can donate their services on the platform and receive a tax benefit. And, the community Althing volunteers. All these sources come together on the most efficient, modernized platform to provide proactive, high value services to small and rural communities at little or no cost. This is the Althing.

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How to Be a Participant

The first step to supporting diversity, community health and access is simple; use the Althing Phrazer/Kitsune for your health engagements. If you have a business or wish to introduce Althing Clinical services or provide access for your employees, it starts with a simple call or email. Do you want to support local innovation, health and diversity as a sponsor; the form below is the simple path to reimbursable support of the Althing Communities. And, we have volunteer and tax deductible opportunities for individuals, groups and foundations.

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Althing Communities

Austin and GeaCom welcome all of our Minnesota and Northern Iowa communities to join the Althing. Bring the breakthrough proactive, inclusive health services to your community, establish a local Althing Clinic, participate in welcoming diversity and growing our economies together. Your community benefits from being part of the larger Althing Community and Althing benefits from your community.

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