What Althing Does for You:
Does equity and access matter to you? Want to play a role and making the community healthier and more vibrant? Althing benefits from your participation and you benefit from the results.

Participate: At no cost, at anytime, you can access health screeners on Althing and by doing so you improve the program resources. Call for an Althing Phrazer/Kitsune in your home and use the menu health and wellness services or bring it to your work, place of worship or sports team. Get creative, and make a difference.

Sponsor: You can promote equity, wellness and diversity by sponsoring Althing services that are used to improve equity and access in our communities.

Promote: Share the Althing message with your family, co-workers and friends to promote the region's health and economic vibrancy.

Volunteer: Participate in Althing health and wellness events by working as equity an agent and support person.

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