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24/7 Clinic Services Delivered

It is after 10pm, your child is not feeling well. You suspect that this is an ear infection but aren't sure. Your spouse is traveling and your other children are sleeping. Going to the ER is not ideal, not safe and not affordable. What do you do? Call for an Althing Portable Clinic. Within 20 minutes an Althing Portable Clinic, with vital signs and sensors arrive. Within minutes you're engaged with your the medical record, a specialist and you are directed to use the included Otoscope to confirm an infection. Soon the diagnosis, care plan and prescription are provided. So convenient, so fast, so affordable and so very effective.

A purpose built, FDA grade, intrinsically safe, infectious disease control imbued and totally private solution are all hallmarks of qualified personal health service delivery. Safety and privacy are key to the efficacy of Althing's services that are not available anywhere else.

Decentralizing a broad spectrum of health services through modern methods, qualified technology and personalized interfaces is far safer, greatly more efficient and significantly more effective. Althing, from over a decade of development, is pioneering this well designed, thoroughly vetted solution.


Not just home delivery..

  • Delivery to the work place
  • Provided for Occupational Health
  • Health services at private events
  • Multi-day services