Althing Feature News

Challenging, High Need Languages

Nepali, Karen and Karenni languages are recently welcomed immigrant populations joining our communities, schools and entering our workforce. These groups are sponsored by local employers, churches and communities and enter through proper channels. Many of these families, including children, have left severe persecution, challenging refugee camps and come by way of a hard road.

Thousands of these recent immigrants are in communities where the major medical systems provide no (Zero) or extremely limited language services. Services such as equal engagement are a Civil Right guaranteed by our constitution but as of now there are no viable and reasonable plans from major medical systems to provide equal and safe access to care for these families.

Althing Health, on the other hand, is here for these families in need of health services by providing totally equal and effective care in their own language, with proper consideration for culture, faith and trauma informed care.


Key to proper equal engagement..

  • No accent, native speakers
  • Cultural considerations
  • Faith considerations
  • Expectation and culture notes to providers
  • Acceptable images and indicators
  • No reading or writing required