Althing Feature News

Althing Austin Clinic: A Modern Model

An innovation in modernized community health, pioneering advanced methods and tools, is now serving patients in Mower County. Conveniently embedded in the Riverland College campus, the flagship Althing Clinic is the future model of full, equal access and proactive health services. Equally and more effectively advancing healthcare in this diverse community of 56 languages and broad demographics.

Upon entering the Althing Clinic a liaison will provide the patient with a Phrazer engagement solution (matched to language, culture, race and more). From there the modernized care journey begins with an immediate connection to the doctor and chart - zero waiting. Vital rooming information is self provided and then the patient is directed to a private self serve examination suite. Advanced sensors gather more detail for the provider and then a live video encounter is engaged. The patient may then be diagnosed, provided a treatment plan and discharged or guided to a staff aided examination room.

Well over half of the patients will be able to self serve, acquire treatment and be discharged. Some will advance to staff aided examination while others may take a Phrazer clinical service home for ongoing care.


A difference you'll notice immediately..

  • No appointment needed service
  • Zero wait time to provider
  • New self-service care
  • All regional language access
  • Take home clinic services
  • Call for delivery clinic services