Is the Company U.S. owned?
Is it for profit or not for profit?

Althing clinics are for profit but partner with not for profit entities. In each region covered by Althing there is a local not for profit partner who can work with sponsors and charitable giving to help bring services to their populations.

How is Althing different?

Althing offers the most modernized, reinvented clinical services available today. Complete equity, never alone experience with self serve elements. Althing services are local, proactive and portable so that clinical services aren't totally centralized like the big, expensive and slow services your used to.

What is an Althing School AIRs Event?

Althing offers the only effective and scalable student behavioral health service that includes a provider encounter. AIRs = Assess-Intervene-Refer/service. This service provides a full behavioral health service to the entire student body and staff to identify mental, physical and chemical challenges. The service carries beyond identification into referral and treatment to ensure the help needed in meaningfully provided.

What exactly is a portable health clinic?

Althing utilizes Phrazer/Kitsune CITE systems to enable a clinical experience that you can call to your home 24/7 for uncompromised health engagements. The system includes medical sensors, access to live specialists and easy medical record interchanges.

How does Althing serve any language and literacy?

Althing uses the breakthrough CITE methodologies that require no reading, no writing and provide equal experience in any language. This is proven in over 40,000,000 qualified interaction that set the new standard in equity, accuracy and efficacy across demographics.

Does Althing sell data?

Althing sells no data. All identifiable data is kept strictly private. Further, by utilizing the only purpose built, FDA grade engagement systems, there is no malware, hacked data, location tracking and other concerns that are prevalent with consumer devices.

Is an Althing embedded clinic right for my company?

An embedded clinic can save money on your insurance costs (estimated over 40%), reduces sick leave, is a benefit to give your staff, provides vital onsite occupational health services and offers 'take home' clinical services for families. Additionally, if you have English and a second language staff the Althing services may prove invaluable for them and their families. Only a small space, network and power is required for this service to embed in your facilities. If this sounds fantastic to you, reach out to begin acquiring your own clinical services.

Why does it matter that Althing employs CITE tech?

Infectious disease control, total privacy, patient safety, ruggedness, 100% completion rates, 100% uptime, FDA grade and much more.

Who do I contact to join Althing?

Althing partners with other community education and health advocates to provide more than clinical services. If you are an employer, educator or community advocate then Althing may be the right partnership for you. Please us the contact page to make your inquiry.

Where are Althing Clinic locations?

Althing portable clinics are found throughout Southeast Minnesota, northern Iowa, Western Wisconsin and northern Minnesota. Examination clinics are expanding with the flagship located in Austin Minnesota, embedded in Riverland College.