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The Althing Model enhances education strategies to close the achievement gap, provides best of class Shared Decision Making techniques, personalized & considerate engagements, and more effective involvement of families and communities into the process. 

Shared Decision Making

The Althing career path module connects students, families, employers with opportunities and offers more complex choices than ever before. Helping students resolve career needs while meeting graduation goals is vital to our economy. The special Althing SDM helps determine a student's interest, their family's expectations and matches these with district resources to ultimately connect young adults with well informed career paths often matched with regional employers.

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Classroom With CITE

Students, in a multiple year study, have proven to have drastically improved educational outcomes. With Althing, parents become more effectively involved to the benefit of outcomes. Our individual students have different learning needs and pacing but are expected to achieve in the same curriculum. With the Althing classroom engagements, personalizing a student's gender, race, culture and home language has proven an effective way to enrich their learning experience. Better communication with student-teacher-parents using novel pathways and connections improve the dynamic of collaborative teaching and learning. Helping bridge the chasm between school and home is another key role of the Althing.

Reinvented Parent/Teacher and Community Connections

When parents and the community are more involved, students thrive and outcomes improve. The Althing establishes a new level of engagement between students, parents, teachers through equal access to learning resources, weekly roundup engagements, novel conferencing features and more. Students and parents have access to health education and services - all on the platform - in addition to connections to employers and local community services. All this is local, managed and designed by the community; for the community.


Cultural Communication Theory

We welcome, honor and thrive in diversity. For all of our community members, we desire to connect equally, responsibly and with cultural competency. To develop special connections, with trust and meaning, the Communication & Information Theory features of Althing are employed. Personalizing to the user, helping bridge cultures with respect and understanding is at the core of cultural competency. The Althing model goes beyond the student and family to engage school staff and civic service personnel in deeper understanding of the needs of their community.

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