What Althing Does for Businesses:
Althing offers free private clinical services for your employees. Bring Althing to your work places and you bring a clinic. Wellness programs that keep employees health and on the job, customized occupational medicine that keeps staff on the job and general service for their families that have meaning to your employees.

Participate: Simply schedule Althing services into your annual plan and clinic will be brought to you. Or opt for a fulltime onsite clnical service to reduce healthcare costs and add value to staff. Add a private resource for mental, addiction and wellness health programs at low to no cost.

Sponsor: You can promote your business to the region's K-12 students, colleges and community by sponsoring Althing services that are used to improve equity and access in our region.

Promote: Share the Althing message with your staff and families to promote the region's health and economic vibrancy.

Volunteer: Staff can participate in Althing health and wellness events by working as equity agents and support personnel.

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