Provider Experience

Althing providers are in clinic, onsite and virtual so
patients may receive onsite, self-serve and virtual engagements.

Providers have a one-of-a-kind oversight interface with patient self charting, any
language/literacy engagements, auto coding and an AV suite that is second to none.

Never Alone Service & Oversight

Patient demographics and record are determined before they join the Althing Cockpit patient list. Immediately the provider staff is notified of the patients who match their expertise (patients are matched to providers). As a patient navigates their health encounter (while self charting) vital notifications on their progress, needs and helpful decision aids are indicated to the provider. Through this method a patient is never alone in their process, a provider is never lacking in vital/immediate information and a better healthcare experience is generated.

The most secure and private communication tools are at hand for the patient and provider. Messaging, automated interventions, patient access to full information for consent and secure video interfaces are engaged as best indicated. A special super feature is that when a patient engages in a language other than English, the provider continues to see and hear everything in English while the patient sees and hears the entire experience in their own language.

  • Continual progress view for all patients
  • Realtime alerts and flags indicate key items
  • Menu of automated CITE interventions
  • Automatic charting with easy "Note" editing
  • Automatic language translation and summation
  • Best in class direct communication channels

Force Multiplier

The Althing Cockpit introduces a patented patient oversight and flow management engine that enables providers to effectively work with a dozen patient concurrently. From eliminated charting requirements to live language services, from eliminated rote processes to automated patient consents, the platform streamlines to provider process. The new ability to provide each patient all the time and resources needed to provide full, accurate information while eliminating "busy work" and delivering only meaningful actionable information to providers is a total game changer. Further provider to provider load balancing and realtime collaboration enabled by the system improves diagnosis and treatment.