Modernized Health, Onsite

Improve Health : Reduce Insurance Cost

Incorporating Althing Qualified Health Clinics into your work environments is proven to reduce your insurance costs by as much as 45%. The preventative health, convenience care and private MedBay access will prove invaluable to your staff by reducing sick days and promoting well being. The Althing Qualified Health Clinics can not only improve well being at work but employees may take clinical services home to promote better health there.

An Althing MedBay Clinic adds an onsite health provider, private examination space, inoculations,labs and other services in a powerful yet small package. Whether choosing the Portable Qualified Health Clinic or MedBay services, your employees enjoy state of the art care that reaches them where they work and where they live.

  • Significant reduction of corporate insurance costs
  • Reduction of sick leave
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Around the clock service
  • Culturally and language sensitive
  • In-network service

Portable & Embedded

Gaining the benefits of Althing Qualified Portable Health Clinics is simple. Althing is likely accredited with your insurance already but if necessary will establish this. For the more robust onsite clinical services the footprint remains quite nominal but the benefits invaluable. Better, health, Civil Rights, improved bottomline and improved staff satisfaction awaits your simple "go-ahead".

What types of onsite Althing Clinic are there?
Are there onsite providers?

Yes, the embedded clinic includes onsite providers that are augmented by the Althing virtual services. The portable clinic may also includes onsite providers. Scheduled Althing Clinic includes providers onsite during the services and via the Althing virtual networks between events.

For self insured, is the service in-network?

Yes, Althing will work with your ensurer to provide the services as in-network and to track/improve cost reduction efforts to go beyond a 45% overall insurance cost drop.

Are the cost savings evidence based?

Yes, the documented cost savings on insurance costs, reduced sick leave and employee appreciation are well documented with your state health department and HHS. This special proactive health service is proven to bring meaningful benefits that are directly enhanced by the Althing Health services.

Will the Althing Health Service work for all staff?

Yes, Althing ensures all of your staff is included by matching age, culture, race, language and literacy.

Will the Althing Health Services help attract and retain employees?

Yes, it is a differentiator for employees and proactive, convenient health is greatly appreciated by all.

Are inoculation services available?

Yes, Althing Clinics will make inoculations available, including for COVID and Flu.

Is occupational health a part of the service?

Yes, both occupational health and safety are part of the Althing Clinic Service.

Can the Althing Clinic help screen for illness and injury for inbound staff?

Yes, Althing Clinics has a comprehensive screener and assessment to ensure that inbound staff is healthy, to know their current state and that they are ready for work. This service can help avoid significant insurance costs and disability claims.

For multiple locations are there options for central and kiosk?

Yes, you may choose a combination of embedded, kiosk and scheduled.

What is the service term and is there a trial option?

Althing provides 3, 5 and 10 year service terms. Since these services are immediate value adds and well established, there isn't a trial option however starting with scheduled service is an option and the migrating to embedded as benefits and savings mount up.