Secure, Safe, Complete Clinic in your Hands

Full Clinic: In Class, At Home, On the Go

Althing's Qualified Portable Health Clinic provides convenience care anywhere. The services is compatible with most health plans, is safer, faster, more convenient and more effective than conventional care. Within an Althing service region anyone can call for a clinic delivery, swing by an Althing location to pick up a portable clinic or visit an Althing participant partner for clinic access.

Through the Qualified Portable Health Clinic users can access services for mild illness and injury, attain a provider visit in realtime, receive a care plan, acquire prescriptions and more. Althing portable clinics are ready to serve in almost any language and without reading or writing required. You can bring a clinic home to see your entire family or simply call to have the clinical services delivered to your door.

  • Available 24/7
  • Free multiple day checkout
  • On system providers available 24/7
  • Includes all languages and literacies
  • Advanced medical sensors
  • Compatible with your insurance

Access Value: Get Creative

Are you hosting an event where you'd like health services available? Althing is available to provide multiple portable clinic systems to screen for COVID, provide vital health assessments or to be available onsite just in case. Or perhaps you'd like Althing health triage services available at your place of work, sporting event, church or just for your group of friends. Many vital Althing Health services are free or fully covered by your insurance.