Advocate, Sponsor, Partner

What We Do

Althing advances health, equity and thriving communities.
Helping and protecting students and adults with real, local health resources.

What You Can Do

Partner with resources to help bring the Althing benefits to more communities.
Sponsor events, health services, education and more for your community.

Support District Safety and Health

Assist Althing in bringing services to your district through sponsorship, endorsement and partnering. Althing offers fully reimbursable pathways to support novel health services in your district. You can sponsor health content with your brand, (included with services to district students and staff) or you can donate to the service cooperative serving your community. Be a part of bringing locally run and provided health services to your community that are truly vital world class.

Connect your community with Althing Health Services by sponsoring health events. Your work, church and even family events can benefit from Althing health assessments that bring services and add to local resources.

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Sponsoring Benefits

In the districts, Althing is experienced by the majority of the student body and staff. Sponsors of district services promote school safety, health and civil rights.  Your brand can be shared with participants across ALthing services (district, clinic, portable).

Sponsor Health

Within the community sponsors support health equity, improved local health services and more. For neighbors, families and customers.

Sponsor Districts

Promoting district and higher ed safety, health and civil rights. Experienced by most of the student body and staff.

Sponsor Community

Helping to keep talent local while welcoming new members to the workforce with diversity oportunities.