Most Advanced Clinical Experience

New, State of The Art and Self Serve

The most advanced medical technologies power the new Althing model of healthcare. An intuitive guided health engagement on Phrazer/Kitsune (personalized to language/literacy/gender/age/culture) enables you to self navigate to advanced sensors and specialty providers without waiting. This is technology that is more personal, more about you, your time and your health. Seamless, fast and effective care.

Althing is highest quality healthcare at a lower cost. Because Althing eliminates scribes, translators, data entry and automates services, less time and money is needed to achieve superior care. Convenience Care visits are $55 and this includes taking the clinic home with you. When examination and hands-on provider services are required, Althing has private rooms and a team of experts to get you the services needed, fast and efficiently.

  • World leading medical sensor technology
  • Full Civil Rights Coverage
  • No wait self service
  • Privacy rooms for virtually guided care
  • Real, effective and ready to serve staff
  • Seamless integration with other health systems

Take Home or Take Delivery!

Are you home alone with the kids late at night when one becomes ill? Call for an Althing delivery to your door. In minutes an Althing clinical package arrives and is available for your qualified health encounter; including a virtual clinician. Would you like to offer health service at your family reunion, church or special event? Check out an Althing portable clinic service and have it onsite. Try Althing, and experience the world class U.S. technology with leading innovative health providers and you'll never go back to the old, expensive and inefficient care of the past.

What type of care is available at an onsite Althing Clinic?
Are there onsite providers or is it all virtual?

Yes, the Althing Clinic has onsite providers and specialists who are augmented by a large roster of offsite specialists who combine to offer you a powerful and immediate health service. The clinic has full examination rooms and the necessary services to provide the health service need at the time of your visit.

How do I 'pick-up' a portable clinic?

When you enter the Althing Clinic, right inside the door are the ready to go portable clinic systems. After a brief check-out process your portable clinic is ready to go home, to work, to a sporting event and more. The portable clinic includes the Phrazer/Kitsune engagement system, sensors, private record access and services you need to provide full health services at your convenience.

How do I get a portable clinic delivered to my home?

Go to and request delivery or call the Althing deliver line at (888) 423-7247. Typically within 20 minutes a full portable clinic will arrive at your location, ready to provide primary and convenience care services.

What are the Althing hours of service?

The Althing Clinic is typically open from 7am to 7pm Monday through Saturday. Clinic pick-up and delivery is 24 hours a day.

Can an Althing visit merge with my other Primary Care provider?

Yes, Althing is able to (with your permission) access your medical records from other providers and after your visit (again with your permission) send the results of your visit back into another service's record system. This helps for less time per visit, less redundancy and seamless care to and from your clinic of choice.

Are DOT physicals available?

Althing Clinic does provide DOT physicals and even has an 18-wheeler friendly parking lot.

Does the Clinic serve all languages and literacies?

Yes, and equally. Althing Clinic employs the breakthrough Phrazer/Kitsune engagement system that eliminates charting needs, translator needs and matches patient language and culture seamlessly. Patients can engage their chart and service without reading and writing, in any language and they can interact with their provider using their native language.

My Althing Clinic is located at a College; can I access it?

Yes, Althing Clinics located on college campuses are for the entire community. There is separate clinic parking and a separate clinic entrance.

Is the clinic child "friendly"?

Yes, the clinic has both pediatric and adult examination rooms. Althing welcomes and treats all ages.

What is the average wait time at the clinic?

Althing is a zero wait time clinic. When you arrive at the Clinic your health engagement begins immediately. As soon as you enter into service the connection with providers is immediate and constant.