Dynamic, Inclusive District


Over a deep six year study, Althing district services proved unparalleled student performance that is represented across all demographics. Using modern Communication/Information Theory Empowered technology (CITE), Althing has taken the next step into the potential of learning. Matching student's race, gender identity, needs and more while better incorporating their families has proven incredible results. Althing students consistently when from the lower 10% performing to the top 3% performing. This model simply works and it truly changes the quality and dynamic of education.

Qualified school health services are embedded into the platform so that tracking student health, safety, state of mind and helping them manage challenges and seek help, effectively, when needed. The novel and award winning health services are available to students families and school staff as well. Helping both the mind and body while guiding community wellbeing.

  • Augment teaching with Althing demographic matching
  • Eliminate long standing racial disparities
  • Weekly modernized parent/teacher conferences
  • Reading resource for children whos parents can't
  • Seamless in class and at home schooling
  • Connect with parents in any language

Special Features

Students have the entire annual coursework in their hands with incredible extras. Access to live video with the teacher, expanded reading and math resources, realtime performance tracking and so much more. The system also goes home with students to enter the community and expand learning opportunities and access to resources for the entire family (no matter the language spoken at home).