Career Path

Find a Fit. Find a Career

This program is one of a kind; best in class. Althing employs Shared Decision Making (SDM) techniques combined with the RIASEC model to direct highly sophisticated matching to 10s of thousands of jobs. Based on your skills (or those you are attaining), your interests and immediately available careers, the Althing career program will connect you with the fitting job.

Included are 1000s of hours of interactive videos, from category experts, that describe careers, share the work experiences of others and help anticipate geography and salary for you to expect. The Althing program is partnered with local employers, unions and government entities to ensure that local and regional opportunities are shared effectively.

  • Sophisticated Shared Decision Making Engine
  • RIASEC Model benefits
  • Local and regional connections
  • 1000s of hours of descriptive videos
  • Available in all regional languages
  • Connections to higher education for aligned training

Projects Result

The Althing Career Services are available on the portable clinic, in the classroom or delivered on request. This end-to-end service is free to uses and sponsored by grants, community interest groups and employers. The Althing Career Service platform is even available assist in job intervies (particularily helpful for English as a second language populations)).